What SEXY-CONSCIOUSLY AWAKE Women NEED and DON’T WANT from MEN | Kelly Marceau

Women who have gone to great lengths to develop themselves emotionally and who have worked for what they have in life are not about to apologize, minimize their feelings or sell themselves short for these self entitled little brat boys who want to be the prize. Evolved women don’t chase men, girls do. Girls that don’t know their own worth will put guys on a pedastool and if you need that, man, you have a VERY LOW SELF ESTEEM. You might as well tell everyone you need a fluffer in life in order to get an erection, cause that is the kind of guy you are emotionally. If a woman is bold enough to tell you she wants you or likes you, you need take the reigns dude, on EVERY LEVEL, or else she is not going to chase you, and she will start to think you are not man enough. No woman worth having is ever going to dote on you when you haven’t given her a reason to. She won’t cater to insecurities when you don’t posses the ability in your heart to feel her love. And she sure as shit won’t shovel reassurance at you when she can tell that reassuring you is going to be a full time job. If you want a woman, go get her, cause Consciously Awake Women don’t wait around. We look for authentic qualities and men who represent. We want the real deal and only give three chances (if that). If you blow it, that’s it.

via What SEXY-CONSCIOUSLY AWAKE Women NEED and DON’T WANT from MEN | Kelly Marceau.


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